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Since the founding of Hummel more than a hundred years ago, we have wanted to do things a little differently. This intention proved to be right. The result of numerous concepts trying to shape the face of the brand "came off the belt" in 1923.

The project, launched in 2005 under the name "Jag har karakter", is a concept that will determine the direction of the brand in the future. Every effort is made to ensure that each product has its own history and unique character. The same goes for all teams and individual athletes wearing Hummel stuff with their unmistakable insignia. All teams and athletes representing this purely Danish company are selected regardless of their size or worldwide fame. The main selection criteria are uniqueness and the will to win.

"If you look for it, you won't find it" - is an old Zen Buddhist proverb expressing our belief in a nonviolent form of marketing. Instead of applying the latest marketing strategies and tricks, we want our customers to discover us and not the other way around. Danishness in our products is hidden in values such as: exceptional design, freedom of speech, respect for human individuality, equality of all races of the world. Try to add our history to it all and you have a strong brand with a very clear identity.

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                                                E-shop contact:

                                                Ivana Gondeková +421 911 057 860


                                                Miloslav Maršalka +421 907 846 200
                                                Roman Račko +421 905 361 887
                                                Ivana Gondeková +421 911 057 860

                                                Icepeak | Luhta | Torstai | Rukka:

                                                Lenka Kebísková +421 911 087 631


                                                Roman Račko +421 905 361 887


                                                Richard Mayer +421 905 361 889


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